httpstan runs on Linux and macOS. A C++ compiler is also required (gcc ≥9.0 or clang ≥10.0).

$ python3 -m pip install httpstan

In order to install httpstan from PyPI make sure your system satisfies the requirements:

  • Linux or macOS

  • x86-64 CPU

  • C++ compiler: gcc ≥9.0 or clang ≥10.0.

If your system uses a different kind of CPU, you should be able to install from source.

Installation from source

Download the source code associated with a release from Extract the contents of the zip or tar.gz release bundle. Alternatively, clone the git repository and checkout the commit associated with the version of httpstan you want.

Executing the following commands will build and install httpstan from source:

# Build shared libraries

# Build the httpstan wheel on your system
python3 -m pip install poetry
python3 -m poetry build

# Install the wheel
python3 -m pip install dist/*.whl