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"""Helper function to launch httpstan server.

Configure the server and schedule startup and shutdown tasks.
import asyncio
import logging

import aiohttp.web

import httpstan.routes

    from uvloop import EventLoopPolicy
except ImportError:
    EventLoopPolicy = asyncio.DefaultEventLoopPolicy

logger = logging.getLogger("httpstan")

[docs]async def _warn_unfinished_operations(app: aiohttp.web.Application) -> None: """Warn if tasks (e.g., operations) are unfinished. Called immediately before tasks are cancelled. """ for name, operation in app["operations"].items(): if not operation["done"]: logger.critical(f"Operation `{name}` cancelled before finishing.")
[docs]def make_app() -> aiohttp.web.Application: """Assemble aiohttp Application. Returns: aiohttp.web.Application: assembled aiohttp application. """ # default `client_max_size` is 1 MiB. Model `data` is often greater. Set to generous 512 GiB. app = aiohttp.web.Application(client_max_size=512 * 1024**3) httpstan.routes.setup_routes(app) # startup and shutdown tasks app["operations"] = {} app.on_cleanup.append(_warn_unfinished_operations) return app